The relationship with yourself and others





My goodness, there you are just getting on with your day, thinking about nothing at all.  Suddenly through the media waves comes a song that sends you right back in time, or wakes you up to a reality that is happening in your life right now.


‘Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor

Reaching for the phone ‘cause, I can’t fight it anymore

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind

For me it happens all the time.’


(Taylor Swift and Ryan Sheckler)






Can you relate to the words of this song?


What is happening inside you as you read it, or sing it?


How much of you is no longer in the present moment, when that mirage of memories come flooding in?


Music can influence us in so many ways and can become intimately related to experiences in our lives. We can find ourselves making associations to people, places, significant life events, creating both happy and sad feelings within us all.





I feel sure there may have been a time in your life that resonates with the pain woven within those words, or maybe it is happening right now. All of your senses suddenly sending you on an inward journey of sadness, misery and regret.


What is your strategy, your go to plan, when that wave of emotion comes crashing down upon you?





Where your thoughts go, your energy flows.  You may find yourself becoming mentally and physically exhausted, your head in a spin, leaving you with more questions than answers.





Would you like to have access to resources that will quickly change your mental state and put you in a more productive frame of mind?





Over the years we have worked with many individuals accumulating an arsenal of professional skills that we are happy to share with you, helping to empower and reinforce your belief  in yourself and  your personal confidence will flourish.





When time stands still and you’ve nowhere to go

Let your mind be your taxi and take you to your flow

A show worth your time and not your tears

We will help alleviate your fears

You are the creator of the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, so let us work together and give your life more meaning.





Come along to a ‘Stress Less’ session and be amazed at the power of your mind.





You cannot be seen to lead from behind.