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Ella Evans

Behavioural Change Therapist/Coach/Trainer

A highly qualified and motivated Psychotherapist who has many years of experience working with individuals and families.

Ella, began her career 30 years ago in education, teaching students of all ages and abilities. She developed a passion for assisting young people requiring extra supportive needs which lead her into Psychotherapy.

Feeling very comfortable at this point in her life, Ella decided to use her vast experience and communication skills, gained over the years, as a natural progression to her now chosen profession as a Psychotherapeutic Practitioner.

Ella’s qualifications include:

  • Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Diploma in Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Master Practitioner Diploma in Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Practitioner in Thought Field therapy
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • British sign language
  • NNEB (National Nursery Nursing Examination Board)



Behavioural Change Therapist/Coach/Trainer

A highly experienced and motivated psychotherapist with over two decades of experience in the world of personal and professional development and motivational coaching.

Sonya has trained and co-trained on many courses over the years and has developed her own unique way of assisting clients and participants to reach their goals and overcome many life issues.

Sonya has an eclectic approach to nurturing clients to help them transform their lives. Sonya has spoken on radio and given many interviews on Hypnosis, Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) and Life Coaching techniques.

Sonya’s qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Diploma in Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Master Practitioner Diploma in Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner Body Mind Work.
  • Reiki Master Practitioner.



Ella and Sonya have combined their many years of experience in the field of Alternative Therapies. Working one to one and in groups promoting a healthy Mind set, thus resulting in a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

“We have created a program of well-being sessions, incorporating deep relaxation and stress relief techniques to alleviate stress in the work place”

Stress can manifest in many ways.

Physically your body releases adrenaline (stress hormone) blood pressure rises, you begin to feel anxious, scared, irritable and moody. You may be over tired but unable to sleep or too tired to think, which can lead to health issues.

With Mind your Life sessions we can help you to rise and shine, in your life.

Together Ella and Sonya run relaxation/meditation classes for corporate and private clients.

Presenting and co-presenting workshops nationally and internationally covering presentation skills, better communication skills, relationship issues and for Laughter workshops.

Passionate well being

Both Ella and Sonya are very passionate about promoting individuals wellbeing and have spent many years in private practice helping clients with issues such as:- anxiety, stress, self-esteem, public speaking as well as issues such as depression, addictions, eating disorders, bereavement, anger management, fears and phobias.

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