Calming and re-energising your body and mind Exercises. Mind your Life Training.


Discovering your inner Powerhouse

Exercise 1

This exercise energises you, charges you up for todays activities

• Stand up shake out your arms and your legs.

• Place your arms straight down either side of you, fingers pointing down.

• Roll your shoulders up towards your ears then back slide them down.

• Rest your chin on your chest, let your head roll to your left shoulder, imagine all the  muscles in your neck stretching and relaxing, hold this position for about 30 seconds, deep breath in and out. Now do the opposite side following the same process. Bring head back to centre, deep breath in and out.

• Place your right hand on your left shoulder, gently in a firm but comforting way press down, deep breath in and out, move your hand across your body and place on right hip, take a deep breath in and out, relax your arm and release your hold. Now do the opposite side, using your left hand.

• Repeat the whole process 3 times.

Exercise 2

The next exercise is to let you feel your own loving presence supporting and aligning your thoughts your intensions and turning them into action, stabilising you and keeping your focus for today’s activities.

• Close your eyes.

• Place one hand across your forehead and cup your other hand across the back of your head, (cradling it if you like).

• Take a deep relaxing breath in, count to 7 in your mind, breathe out slowly for the count of 11, continue in this breathing pattern whilst you visualise a colour or colours of your choice, (maybe even a rainbow) filling your lungs and flowing through every part of you and beyond, from the top to the bottom from the left to right, in front and behind.

• As you release your breath imagine for me if you will, any dark heavy energy, releasing from your body, dispersing evaporating, changing, transforming, becoming part of the rainbow of colours all around you. ‘Recycling if you like’

Discovering your inner Powerhouse

Make this your morning ritual before you start your day and become aware of how much more productive you become with your time.
‘The work out before you work It out,’ will help to focus your energy and set your intention for the day.
Everyday working towards manifesting your hopes and dreams and making them a reality.