Some feedback we received


Feedback from  RSM accountancy form 18th June 2018


‘I found the workshop very beneficial in terms of recognising things about myself, and how to develop better communication, also how to relax.’

‘Yes, I would attend a further workshop.’


‘The workshop was very interesting and made me realise that I need to give myself permission to be mindful.’

‘Yes, I would like to attend any further workshops.’


‘I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself and the meditation was amazing, I had been trying to meditate for years and was unable, but with your help I achieved deep relaxation, it was tremendous.’

‘Yes, I would attend another workshop, with no hesitation.’


‘I totally found the experience excellent and informative, it made me totally conscious of what I need to do.’

‘I would certainly attend another workshop.’


‘Yes, I found the workshop very beneficial. I didn’t realise that some of the symptoms I am actually experiencing are stress related.’

‘Yes, I would definitely come to another workshop.’


‘I really enjoyed the sessions and learning about myself. I am going to make sure to take time out for myself in the future.’

‘I would absolutely attend another workshop.’


‘Yes, the trainers had such calming voices and this really allowed me to relax and let all stresses and worries go away. I think the power point was a bit too wordy, but yes I would attend another workshop.’


‘Some very useful insights. I wish I’d had this as a student 10 years ago’

‘I would have liked to have had more interaction and group discussion, but as you made us aware of the time restrictions, I understand.’

‘Yes, I would attend further workshops.’


‘I had a lovely relaxing time listening to both of the ladies. Thank you.’

‘Yes, I would attend further sessions.’